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From the experience and commitment of our Leader, we started to improve the business of our customers and it was amazing...

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Our Main Features

We offer IT consultancy in the sector of - Telecomunications - Banking - Energy / utilities - Electronics - Automotive - Graphic design - Marketing / Ecommerce - Turism - E-Learning - Teaching - Food & nutrition - Fitness & Sport


A very compact and able group will assist you in every need

Risk Analysis

We put our face in everything we do and we can evaluate the risks for you

Marketing Strategy

The IOT is changing the world and we will provide you the channels for you to extend your commercial penetration

Capital Market

Our expertise will suggest you the best way to obtain credit and advance your business in the fastest way

We will drive you to success

Our Best Services

Consultancy at 360°. We are open minded and we are able to face competion day by day to offer our customer only the best and with the professionality that always characterize us.

Business Analysis

No dubts anymore for doing or not something...we are with you and we will avoid you mistakes

Business Consulting

A third expert eye many times can see things the appears hidden and make clarity where reign obscurity

Business Insurance

We guarantee no loss with us because we make money only when you do, so your business is also our business

Global Investigation

We know what you are looking for in advance and we will find for you the best way to achieve it

Audit & Evaluation

Audit is checking compliancy to rules and checking results. We will evaluate your performance and the way you achieve them

Marketing Strategy

Born as IT specialist and we would like to offer the best and evoluted channels to sell your products

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"Questa ditta è sinonimo di serietà e grande competenza e attenzione ai minimi dettagli, che è poi ciò che fa la differenza"